I have loved photography since childhood. I started with rolls of 35 mm film in a point and shoot camera back when we all had to wait for days to look at the developed prints. I dabbled in photography during my teen years.  During college I worked for a camera repairman and at the university bookstore selling cameras and film.  But I didn't think Photography would be a good career choice.  (What!?)

Life went on; I found some "real jobs" but kept going back to photography.  Finally, after years of thinking it was only a hobby I took the plunge and completed college courses to graduate with a degree in Photography.

One important thing I learned about myself is that I favor "alternative" photography.  I like experimenting with methods that take a standard photograph and alter it.  That enables me to add mood, emotion and my own personality to the image. Before digital photography I dabbled with cyanotypes and polaroid transfers.  As digital cameras and photo manipulating software became available, I have moved to a new way of manipulating my images.  

Using my library of images and digital technology I merge parts of several images together to blend colors, add textures and import characters and elements to create a story. Designing an image from multiple photographs allows me to create scenes and modify the reality from which they are drawn.

Composite photography enabled me to create my Egret series and has become my new passion. It engages my imagination and enables me to create images that are familiar, surreal and whimsical.

I also enjoy using modern digital equipment to enhance landscapes, elevating them to create something familiar, yet new at the same time.

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Images are copyrighted by Jennifer Stepanski.  All rights reserved.