Before digital photography I dabbled with alternative photography processes like cyanotypes, gum bichromate and polaroid transfers.  Those methods felt like they allowed me to add mood, emotion and my own personality to the image.   As digital cameras and photo manipulating software became available, I have moved to a new way of blending my sense of wonderment into the image.

I travel frequently and am always on the look out for interesting landscapes, textures, and objects.  It may be the contrast of sun streaming through storm clouds that inspires me or the cloud formations outside an airplane window that cause me to grab my camera. I love to try and capture the elusive colors and textures that waves create as they come up to the shore.  I find myself using clouds and water as textures in nearly all of my finished images.  

Using my library of images and digital technology I merge parts of several images together to blend colors, add textures and import characters and elements to create a story. Designing an image from multiple photographs allows me to create scenes and modify the reality from which they are drawn.

Composite photography enabled me to create my Egret series.  This has become my my new passion. It engages my imagination and enables me to create images that are familiar, surreal and whimsical.

I also enjoy using modern digital equipment to enhance landscapes, elevating them to create something familiar, yet new at the same time.

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Images are copyrighted by Jennifer Stepanski.  All rights reserved.