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I'm so excited to announce my line of 2015 Christmas ornaments.  These are inspired by my love of Arlington.  I started conceptualizing these ornaments in August.  I wanted them to be unique and charming so I experimented with different types and styles of wood and metal before ending up with the current design.  Ultimately the wooden plaques showcased the photo beautifully. 

Besides being able to translate my vision into a photograph, it is very satisfying to use my hands and create something more tangible.  The ornaments have been a challenging and rewarding item to create.  After finishing the main ornament, I learned how to make the decorative ornament hooks.  Adding the 2015 charm really gave the ornaments the finishing touch.  I'm so pleased that I have received so much positive feedback.

Residents of the city can add charm to their tree with these beautiful decorations.  I currently have ornaments featuring SY Wilson, the Cotton Gin, and Arly Burger.