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Now Showing!

Beginning in mid-February, my Egret images are being displayed in the lobby at the Germantown, TN library.  Thanks to Christi Nini who gave me the opportunity! 

These are usually hanging on the walls in my house, but its really rewarding and fun to see them on display in the public.  I've experimented with different ways to display these particular images.  Because they are "full frame", it is impossible to find pre-cut mats that fit properly.  Most digital cameras take a photo that is 8x12 at full size.  To make a standard 8x10 print, two inches have to be cropped off the length of the image.  Most of these images just don't look right cropped...  all of the information is important! 

I finally decided to get some custom mattes cut and was able to frame them in a standard 16x20 frame.  They looked good, but I still wasn't satisfied.  Next, I tried canvas which looked fine, but again just didn't seem to show the picture at its best.  Then came aluminum.  I'd known about it, but it's expensive which is probably why I left as a last resort.  However, when the aluminum print arrived and I opened it up, I finally saw the image at its best!  It made all the difference.  Aluminum makes the pictures seem so saturated and almost glow.  I love aluminum!  And I love all the prints hanging up next to each other. 

If you get the chance to see them, I'd love to hear what you think!